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Volume 1, Issue 3, 2014
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Shima Ghahari Iranian bilinguals' reverse code-switching: an implicit quest for power 171-191
Article Ram A. Giri Changing faces of English: why English is not a foreign language in Nepal 192-209
Article Margo Lecompte-Van Poucke Intrinsic opposition in the debate on New Caledonian independence: a a critical discourse analysis 210-231
Article Zongxin Feng The logical nature of Systemic-Functional Grammar and "grammatical logic" 232-241
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Sue Wright The map, the group and language ideology 81-98
Article Michelle Tjondro Culpability across borders: print media of the DSK afair from an SFL perspective 99-134
Article Anjali Pandey Asymmetrical hyperpolyglot potential in women? - Looking at linguistic chauvinism in the twenty-first century 135-156
Article Hengbin Yan Automatic labelling of transitivity functional roles 157-170
Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article M.A.K. Halliday Notes on teaching Chinese to foreign learners 1-6
Article Lewis Lancaster Computational thinking: a case study of Buddhist terminology using new software 7-17
Article Alice Caffarel-Cayron;
Elizabeth Rechniewski
Exploring the generic structure of French editorials from the perspective of systemic functional linguistics 18-37
Article Mohamed Benrabah Competition between four "world" languages in Algeria 38-59
Article Adolfo M. Garcia Neurocognitive determinants of performance variability among world-language users 60-77
Review Angel Garralda Ortega Language ideologies and the globalization of "standard" Spanish, by Darren Paffey 78-80
Volume 2, Issue 1, 2015
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article David Banks Approaching the Journal des Scavans, 1665-1695: a manual analysis of thematic structure 1-17
Article Zhong Yang Subjectivity in translation as interlingual re-instantiation 18-31
Article Edward Arnold and Dominique Labbe Vote for me. Don't vote for the other one 32-49
Article Jian Hu A comparative study of China English and Singapore English: the case of grammatical metaphor in academic discourse 50-61
Volume 2, Issues 2-3, 2015
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article David Banks Fronted qualifiers in French and English 63-76
Article Songqing Li English, advertising and positioning: the impact of English on Chinese people's daily lives 77-93
Article Ruanni Tupas Pragmatism, Mandarin and political culture in Singapore: recent reprises of an ideology 94-105
Article Elaine Espindola and Yan Wang The enactment of modality in regulatory texts: a comparative study of tenancy agreements 106-125
Article Margaret A. Berg Russian-speaking children and material needs in the reformist context: an ecological study of curriculum development 126-143
Article Ahmar Mahboob Language, literacy. education, and empowerment: a tribute to Ruqaiya Hasan 144
Volume 3, Issues 1, 2016
Special Issue: East and West Encounters: Translation across Time
Guest Editors: Alexandra Assis Rosa and Guowen Huang
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Introduction Alexandra Assis Rosa and Guowen Huang Translation across time in East and West encounters: an overview 1-4
Article Teresa Seruya Doing translation history and writing a history of translation: the main issues and some examples concerning Portuguese culture 5-21
Article Ken Takiguchi Translating erased history: Inter-Asian translation of the national Changgeuk compnay of Korea's Romeo and Juliet 22-36
Article Marta Pcheco Pinto From the Far East to the Far West. Portuguese Discourse on Translation: A case study of Camilo Pessanha 37-53
Article Marlon James Sales Translating politeness cues in Philippine missionary linguistics: "Hail, Mister Mary!" and other stories 54-66
Article Audrey Heijns Translating otherness: images of a Chinese city 67-78
Article Sawsan A. Aljahdali Narrative structure, context and translation in Paulo Coelho's O Alquimista in English, Arabic and Turkish 79-97
Volume 3, Issues 2, 2016
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Shu-Kun Chen Textualization of "say": a functional analysis of shuō-connectives in Chinese 99-116
Article P.R.R. White and Mohammad Makki Crime reporting as stroystelling in Persian/Farsi news journalism - perspectives on the narrative function 117-138
Article Roksolana Povoroznyuk, Nataliia Dzerovych, & Vladyslav Povoroznyuk A new voice: translating medical questionnaires 139-159
Book review Bingjun Yang Appraisal stylistics by Xuanwei Peng, Beijing, Peking University Press, 2015, viii +499 160-166
Volume 3, Issues 3, 2016
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Sue Wright & Lin Zheng English in Chinese higher education: past difficulties, current initiatives and future challenges 167-183
Article Alireza Jalilifar, Seyed Mohammad Ghoreishi & Seyed Abbas Emam Roodband Developing an inventory of core lexical bundles in English research articles: a cross-disciplinary corpus-based study 184-203
Article Peter R. Petrucci & Katsuyuki Miyahira "Can you call it Okinawan Japanese?": World language delineations of an endangered language on YouTube 204-223
Article Yujie Su Corpus-based comparative study of intensifiers: quite, pretty, rather and fairly 224-236
Volume 4, Issues 1, 2017
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Constantina Fotiou English-Greek code-switching in Greek Cypriot magazines and newspapers - an analysis of its textual forms and functions 1-27
Article Bingjun Yang On translatability from the perspective of Wittgensteinian prototype: translations of "Dao" as exemplars 28-43
Article Hadeel Alkhatib Status and function of the English language in Qatar: a social semiotic perspective 44-68
Volume 4, Issues 2, 2017
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Caroline Lipovsky Right to a fair trial: could hard news reports influence jurors? 69-93
Article Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash & John McKenny The flesh and the bones of cohesive devices: towards a comprehensive model 94-117
Article Long Li An examination of ideology in translation via modality: Wild Swans and Mao's Last Dancer 118-144
Volume 4, Issues 3, 2017
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Richard Srishti Issues and challenges of teaching communicative English in professional institutions: the case of northern India 145-159
Article I-Ju Tu Emerging second language writing identity and complex dynamic writing 160-181
Article Cuiying Li and Zhihui Fang College English teaching in China: opportunities, challenges and directions in the context of educational internationalization 182-192
Article Haru Deliana Dewi Translation and language errors in the Indonesian-English translation 193-217
Volume 5, Issues 1, 2018
Type Author(s) Title Page no.
Article Seyyed Hatam Tamimi Sa'd Learners' views of (non)native speaker status, accent, and identity: an English as an international language perspective 1-22
Article Seyyed Hatam Tamimi Sa'd World English and World Englishes: perspectives from English language learners in Iran 23-45
Article Giang Hoai Tran and Xuan Minh Ngo News comments on facebook - a systemic functional linguistic analysis of moves and appraisal language in reader-reader interaction 46-80
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