Newly Published

Volume 64 (2018)
Issue Type Item Author(s) / Reviewer(s) Page No.
64.2 Article Morphological creativity in a China English corpus Walter Petrovitz and Herbert Pierson 59
Quoting and reporting across languages: A system-based and text-based typology Jorge Arús-Hita, Kazuhiro Teruya, Mohamed Ali Bardi, Abhishek Kumar Kashyap, and Isaac N. Mwinlaaru 69
The gender of anglicisms in spoken German Jaime W. Hunt 103
Review Graham Hall
The Routledge handbook of English language teaching
Kanavillil Rajagopalan 126
Donna R. Miller and Paul Bayley (eds.)
Hybridity in systemic functional linguistics
Kanavillil Rajagopalan 130
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