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Volume 63 (2017)
Issue Type Item Author(s) / Reviewer(s) Page No.
63.3 Article Indo-European origin of alphabetic systems and deciphering of the Byblos script Ihor Rassokha 181
From Judeo-Provençal to Judeo-Piedmontese and Western Yiddish George Jochnowitz 192
Are dead artists' paintings more lively? - Agency in descriptions of artworks before and after an artist's death Karen Sullivan and Sally Butler 198
Discussion The emergence of hybrid grammars: A rejoinder to Peter Bakker Enoch O. Aboh 207
Reply Reply to Enoch Aboh's rejoinder to my article on his book 'The emergence of hybrid grammars' Peter Bakker 207
Review Siân Preece. (eds.)
The Routledge handbook of language and identity
Kanavillil Rajagopalan 228
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