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1. Articles
The Language of Vietnamese School Science Textbooks: A Transitivity Analysis of Seven Lessons (Texts) of Biology 8 Van Van Hoang 14.1-2
Creativity and Multimodality: Analytical Framework for Creativity in Multimodal Texts (AFCMT) Locky Law 14.1-2
Linguistic Rhythm and its Meaning: Rhythm Waves and Semantic Fields Radan Martinec 14.1-2
Linguistic Politeness in Online Discussion Boards: Animé Fandom as Virtual Speech Communities Rhodora S. Ranalan 14.1-2
A Contextual Investigation of Chinese Translations of Detective Stories – Mismatched Holmes Yan Wang 14.1-2
Popularity of Latin and Law French in Legal English: A corpus-based disciplinary study of the language of the law Chuanyou Yuan, Shaomin Zhang, Qingshun He 14.1-2
Interview with Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen On Translation Studies (Part III) Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen, Bo Wang, Yuanyi Ma 14.1-2
2. Reviews
Applying Systemic Functional Linguistics: The State of the Art in China Today by Jonathan Webster and Peng Xunwei (Eds) (2017) Nana Zhou 14.1-2

Linguistics and the Human Sciences (LHS) Reviews

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Latest Reviews
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Book Review: Luciana C. de Oliveira and Mary J. Schleppegrell Focus on grammar and meaning Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 2015. Pp. 143.

Ruth French 6 June 2016

Book Review: Toboada, M., Suárez, S. D., & Álvarez, E. G. (eds.) Contrastive Discourse Analysis - Functional and Corpus Perspectives. Sheffield: Equinox, 2013. pp. xi, 356.

Lene Nordrum 3 Dec 2014

Book Review: Painter, C., Martin, J. R. and Unsworth, L. Reading Visual Narratives: Image Analysis of Children's Picture Books. Sheffield: Equinox, 2013. pp. xiii, 186.

Daniel Lees Fryer 26 Feb 2014

Book Review: Rose, D. and Martin, J.R. (2012). Learning to Write, Reading to Learn: Genre, Knowledge and Pedagogy in the Sydney School. Sheffield, Bristol: Equinox Publishing Ltd. 368 pp.

Caroline Liberg 18 Jan 2013

Book Review: Christie, F. (2012). Language Education throughout the School Years: a Functional Perspective (Language Learning Monograph Series). Chichester, West Sussex; Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. 260 pp.

Nancy Songdan Guo 6 Dec 2012

Book Review: Hasan, R. (2011). Language and Education: Learning and Teaching in Society. The Collected Works of Ruqaiya Hasan Volume 3. Jonathan J. Webster (ed.) London, Oakville: Equinox. 426 pp.

Mary Schleppegrell 2 Aug 2012

Book Review: Fløttum, K. (ed.) (2007). Language and Discipline Perspectives on Academic Discourse. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 280 pp.

Alfredo A. Ferreira and
Lene Nordrum
11 May 2012

Book Review: Jones, R.H. and Lock, G. (2011) Functional Grammar in the ESL Classroom: Noticing, exploring and practising. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. 160 pp.

Susan Feez 22 Feb 2012

Book Review: van Leeuwen, T. (2011) The Language of Colour: an Introduction. New York: Routledge. 120 pp.

John A. Bateman 15 Feb 2012

Book Review: Chen, H. and Cruickshank, K. (eds) (2009) Making a Difference: Challenges for applied linguistics. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 367 pp.

Ryans Deschambault 15 Feb 2012

Book Review: Toolan, M. (2009) Narrative Progression in the Short Story: a Corpus Stylistic Approach. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 212 pp.

Rosemary Huisman 15 Feb 2012
Volume 4 (2008)
Title Written by Release Date

Book Review: Halliday, M.A.K. and Greaves, W.S. (2008) Intonation in the Grammar of English. London, Oakville: Equinox. 224 pp.

Bradley A. Smith 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Pylkkänen, L. (2008) Introducing Argument. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT press. 156 pp.

Lene Nordrum 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Christie, F. and Martin, J.R. (2007) Language, Knowledge and Pedagogy: Functional Linguistic and Sociological Perspectives. London: Continuum. 267 pp.

Diane Potts 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Hasan, R. (2009) Semantic Variation: Meaning in society and in sociolinguistics. London, Oakville: Equinox. 484 pp.

Jay Lemke 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Cienki, A. and Muller, C. (eds) (2008) Metaphor and Gesture. Amsterdam, Philadelphia, PA: Benjamins. 306 pp.

Radan Martinec 14 Feb 2012
Volume 3 (2007)
Title Written by Release Date

Book Review: Liu, J. (2007) English Language Teaching in China: New Approaches, Perspectives and Standards. London: Continuum. 340 pp.

Ling Shi 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Miller, D.R. and Turci, M. (eds) (2007) Language and Verbal Art Revisited: Linguistic Approaches to the Study of Literature. London, Oakville: Equinox. 287 pp.

Michael O'Toole 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Bednarek, M. (2008) Emotion Talk across Corpora. Basingstoke, New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 242 pp.

Geoff Thompson 14 Feb 2012
Volume 2 (2006)
Title Written by Release Date

Book Review: Willinsky, J. (2006) The Access Principle: the Case for Open Access to Research and Scholarship. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT press. 287 pp.

John A. Bateman 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Hall, J.K., Vitanova, G. and Marchenkova, L. (eds) (2005) Dialogue with Bakhtin on Second and Foreign Language Learning: New perspectives. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 241 pp.

Mary H. Maguire 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Lewis, J., Brookes, R., Mosdell, N. and Threadgold, T. (2006) Shoot First and Ask Questions Later: Media Coverage of the 2003 Iraq War. New York: Peter Lang. 212 pp.

Annabelle Lukin 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Fine, J. (2006) Language in Psychiatry a Handbook of Clinical Practice. London, Oakville: Equinox. 344 pp.

Caroline Henderson-Brooks 14 Feb 2012
Volume 1 (2005)
Title Written by Release Date

Beyond Mysticism?
Book Review: Jackendoff, R. (2002) Foundations of Language, Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution. Oxford, New York: Oxford Unviersity Press. 477 pp.

Iain Davidson 14 Feb 2012

The Certainty of Chance
Book Review: Bod, R., Hay, J. and Jannedy, S. (2003) Probabiltic Linguistics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT press. 451 pp.

Robert Munro 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Richardson, J. E. (2004) (Mis)Representing Islam: the Racism and Rhetoric of British Broadsheet Newspapers. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 262 pp.

Annabelle Lukin 14 Feb 2012

Book Review: Muller, J., Davies, B. and Morais, A. (eds) (2004) Reading Bernstein, Researching Bernstein. London, New York: Routledge. 238 pp.

Craig Ronalds 14 Feb 2012
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