Dedicated to the memory of

Professor Ruqaiya Hasan

In Memoriam

In my ideology the social and the semiotic are inseparable: their co-evolution is the history of humanity.  
By 2050, theories will have moved; I venture to hope that, despite that change, the social semiotic orientation will still survive.
Ruqaiya Hasan

Language and society: a systemic functional perspective (2005/2015)

Because she got it right, Professor Ruqaiya Hasan’s contribution to our understanding of how language works as humanity’s resource for being, and making meaning will live long past her beautiful life. Indeed humanity is richer and better for the life she lived among us.

Just a few days ago, she gave the go-ahead for volume four in her collected works - Context in the System and Process of Language – to be sent to the publisher. My promise to her is that the remaining volumes in this very important series will be published.

Many make the journey but few make it so meaningful for the rest of us. My dear Professor Hasan, thank you for the meaning you gave to my life.