The Collected Works of M.A.K. Halliday, Volumes 1-11

Editor: Jonathan J. Webster

For nearly half a century Michael Halliday has been enriching the discipline of linguistics with his keen insight into the social semiotic phenomenon we call language. Now, for the first time, Halliday's collected works are available as an eleven-volume set.

As a self-styled 'generalist' Michael Halliday has published in many branches of linguistics, both theoretical and applied, including grammar and semantics, discourse analysis and stylistics, phonology, sociolinguistics, computational linguistics, language education and child language development. This eleven-volume set encompasses all of these aspects of Halliday's work.

  • Volume 1: On Grammar (2002)
  • Volume 2: Linguistic Studies of Text and Discourse (2003)
  • Volume 3: On Language and Linguistics (2003)
  • Volume 4: Language of Early Childhood (2004)
  • Volume 5: Language of Science (2004)
  • Volume 6: Computational and Quantitative Studies (2005)
  • Volume 7: Studies in English Language (2005)
  • Volume 8: Studies in Chinese Language (2006)
  • Volume 9: Language and Education (2007)
  • Volume 10: Language and Society (2007)
  • Volume 11: Halliday in the 21st Century (2013)