Previous Events 2011 - 2013

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Talk 23 Oct Prof M.A.K. Halliday Languages, and language, in today's changing world HKU
Seminar 20 Dec Prof Liao Meizhen Metaphors we construct and organise our text and talk by: Towards a model of metaphorical discourse CityU
Symposium 22-25 Jul USTB, SYSU, HCLS Launch Symposium for the Journal of World Languages USTB
Seminar 18 Apr Dr WU Fuyun Producing Chinese relative clauses with determiner phrases by Chinese speakers and L2 learners CityU
Seminar 16 Apr Dr WU Fuyun Parsing relative clauses in Mandarin CityU

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 14 Dec Prof KK Luke Categories-on-the-fly and their uses in interaction CityU
Seminar 6 Dec Prof Liu Chengyu Grammatical metaphor and semogenesis: A historical functional-cognitive stylistic perspective CityU
Seminar 4 Dec Prof Liu Chengyu Complementarities between functional linguistics and cognitive linguistics: Language as a complex adaptive system CityU
Seminar 29 Nov Prof Liu Chengyu Grammatical metaphor, style and cognition: From the perspective of functional-cognitive stylistics CityU
Workshop 16 Nov Prof Lewis Lancaster The annotations and analytics workshop | A new form of academic publication: Annotations and analytics CityU
Workshop 16 Nov Mr Howie Lan The annotations and analytics workshop | Technology overview of how to implement annotated analytics CityU
Workshop 16 Nov Mr Linus Lancaster The annotations and analytics workshop | Artist's annotations CityU
Seminar 14 Jun Dr Ahmah Mahboob Identity management and education CityU
Seminar 12 Jun Dr Ahmah Mahboob Researching and critiquing World Englishes CityU
Report 26 Mar Prof Jonathan Webster TeXt, TeXture and ArchiTeXture China
Report 23 Mar Prof Jonathan Webster The Language of Presidents: Studies in textureand architeXture China

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 7 Nov Mr Victor Hengbin Yan PALS 2011 | Annotating functional and discourse structures on a collaborative cloud-based platform CityU
Seminar 31 Oct Ms Yang Shu PALS 2011 | Prosodic "structure" of language: Evidence from modal realisation in Chinese CityU
Seminar 24 Oct Prof Liu Yi PALS 2011 | Bernsteinian perspectives on the reading to learn programme CityU
Seminar 17 Oct Dr Abhishek Kumar PALS 2011 | Unpacking the verbal group in Bajjika CityU
Seminar 3 Oct Ms Cecilia FK Pun PALS 2011 | Ontogenetic development in tertiary students' writing CityU
Seminar 26 Sep Mr Angel Garralda Ortega PALS 2011 | The concept of "Nación" in the Spanish press nowadays: A corpus-based study CityU
Seminar 19 Sep Ms Cecilia FK Pun PALS 2011 | World Englishes and academic writing: A SFL perspective CityU
Seminar 5 Sep Mr Hesham Alyousef PALS 2011 | An investigation of international postgraduate Business students' multimodal literacy and numeracy practices in Finance: A multidimensional exploration CityU
Seminar 4 Mar Prof Robin Fawcett What is a Systemic Functional Grammar, and how does it work? A description and an interactive demonstration CityU