The 1st International Halliday Forum on Applicable Linguistic Research 6-8 December 2023

The 1st International Halliday Forum is organised by the Halliday Centre for Intelligent Applications for Language Studies (HCLS) at City University of Hong Kong.

The conference was held from December 6th to December 8th 2023.

The world has come to an era of artificial intelligence, which has called for the further development of enabling technologies to enhance its performance. This is particularly the case with fundamental research in linguistics or, rather, applicable linguistics, especially because the understanding of human language remains the ultimate aim for and demarcation of true artificial intelligence. The conference is motivated by the above understanding and aims to bring together scholars from different parts of the world engaging in cutting edge research in syntax, semantics, discourse and communication. Significantly, these scholars share a common empiricist approach to language, one that is based on observations of authentic uses of language that can be computationally modelled and applied in practical applications. The Halliday Centre for Intelligent Applications of Language Studies is organizing this event in acknowledgement of MAK Halliday’s belief that the value of a linguistic theory lies in the use that can be made of it and that it should be consumer oriented, the basic requirement of his notion of ‘applicable linguistics’.

Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)
Lydia Catedral (CithUHK, SAR)
Jae-Woong Choe (National Korean University)
Min Dong (Beihang University, PRC)
Alex Fang (CityUHK, SAR)
Christoph Hafner (CityUHK, SAR)
Christine Huang (CityUHK, SAR)
Ji Won Ki (CityUHK, SAR)
John Lee (CityUHK, SAR)
Kiyong Lee (National Korean University)
Shengqing Liao (Fudan University, PRC)
Danilo Reyes (PolyU, SAR)
Jackie Yan (CityUHK, SAR)