Previous Events 2005 - 2007

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Conference 5-7 Dec HCLS The First HCLS Conference, Becoming a World Language: the Growth of Chinese, English and Spanish CityU
Workshop 5-8 Nov Prof J.R. Martin Workshops on Genre-based Literacy Teaching: the Sydney School (Part 1) CityU
Seminar 12 Oct Prof Christian Matthiessen Text analysis in translator training and translation studies CityU
Seminar 11 Oct Prof Elke Teich Human language technology and functional linguistics: Opportunities and challenges CityU
Seminar 7 Aug Ms Claire Scott News in war and peace: A diachronic, Systemic-Functional approach CityU
Seminar 21 May Prof Christopher N Candlin Multiple identities, contested roles: Strategic interdiscursivity in professional communication in times of change CityU
Seminar 1 Feb Prof Frances Christie Using the Functional Grammar to trace developmental growth in control of literacy from the primary to secondary years CityU
Others 30 Jan Mr Winson Hui Internship Opportunities with HANA Microelectronics CityU
Others 22-25 Jan Dept CTL; HCLS Korea Week 07, Seminar Series on Korean Studies CityU
Others 13 Jan Dr Richard Chang SMIC, Doing Business Holistically CityU

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 13 Dec Prof Heidi Byrnes Developing L2 ability: A longitudinal, literacy-oriented view CityU

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 14-15 Nov Prof Edwin Thumboo Literatures in Englishes: Creation and criticism, and poetry reading CityU