On-going Projects


  • MORAR, Florin. Connected Cartographies: World Maps in Translation between China, Inner Asia and Early Modern Europe.
  • CATEDRAL, L. H. M. “Public” or “Private” Labor? A Discourse Analytic Comparison of Regulations on Women’s Transnational Domestic Work. ECS.
  • LEE, J. S. Y., LIU, M. & SUN, W. Semantic Modeling for Sentence-level Readability Assessment. GRF.
  • MAI, Z. M., MOK, P. K. P., WU, Z. & YIP, C. Y. V. Input and Experience in Early Trilingual Development. GRF
  • YAN, X. Integrating audio description training into interpreting classes: Research and practice. TDG (CityU)

  • 2020

  • LEE, J. S. Y., HO, S. M. Y., LIU, M. & NG, C. W. L. CityPal: A Chatbot for Enhancing Young Adults' Psychological Well-Being. HMRF