Previous Events 2008 - 2010

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 26 Nov Prof Ken Hyland PALS 2010 | Conformity and creativity: constructing identity in academic writing CityU
Seminar 19 Nov Dr Francisco Veloso PALS 2010 | The establishment of forestship: The multimodal discourse of tourism and the construction of identity CityU
Seminar 12 Nov Prof John Flowerdew PALS 2010 | Some frontstage and backstage features in the study of lexical cohesion from a corpus perspective CityU
Seminar 5 Nov Dr Paul J Thibault PALS 2010 | Bodily dynamics, cultural norms, and situation transcendence: First-order interaction as agent-extending and world-building behaviour CityU
Symposium 1,3 Nov CTL, HCLS International Symposium on "Connecting Paths: Lamb, Halliday and Hasan" CityU
Seminar 29 Oct Prof Liu Yi PALS 2010 | Reinstantiation of meanings in scaffolding ESL academic literacy: Teacher's talk around the text in the reading to learn program CityU
Seminar 22 Oct Dr Sue Hood PALS 2010 | Language and legitimation: Disciplinary differences in constructing space for new knowledge CityU
Seminar 15 Oct Ms Corinne Maxwell-Reid PALS 2010 | Using SFL in contrastive work across languages: An example from Spanish-English bilingual education CityU
Seminar 8 Oct Dr Angel Lin PALS 2010 | A Genre-based bridging curriculum for Hong Kong secondary schools CityU
Seminar 24 Sep Prof Chang Chenguang PALS 2010 | The dialectic of theory and practice: SFL as an appliable linguistics CityU
Seminar 17 Sep Mr Marvin Lam PALS 2010 | From lexicogrammar to situational context: The theoretical construction of socio-semiotic distance CityU
Seminar 10 Sep Prof Andrew Goatly PALS 2010 | METAPHOR AND EVALUATION CityU
Seminar 3 Sep Prof J.R. Martin PALS 2010 | Historical cosmologies: Epistemology and axiology in Australian secondary school history CityU
Conference 18-20 Jan Dept CTL The Second International Conference on Global Interoperability for Language Resources CityU

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 1 Dec Dr David G. Butt Grammatical and textual perspectives on "Meaningful Relations at the Level of Consciousness": From identifying clauses to "Cohesive Harmony" CityU
Conference 14-18 Jul Tsinghua-U; Dept CTL 36th International Systemic Functional Congress "Challenges to Systemic Functional Linguistics:
Theory and Practice"
Seminar 20 May Prof Janet Holmes Power and professional identity in the workplace: Model, methods and interpretations CityU

Catagory Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 24 Nov Dr Vincent Ooi "The death of English: LOL"?: The case of electronic communication in Southeast Asian Englishes CityU
Workshop 3-5 Nov Prof J.R. Martin;
Dr Susan Hood
Workshops on Genre-based Literacy Teaching: the Sydney School (Part III) CityU
Seminar 4 Nov Dr Peter White Authorial voice, interpersonal stance and appraisal in student writing CityU
Workshop 1-4 Sep Prof William S. Greaves Intensive Workshop: Intonation in English PolyU
Conference 4 Nov HCLS The Second HCLS Conference: Translation, Language Contact, and Multilingual Communication CityU
Seminar 1 Aug Prof Alan K. Melby Introduction to Translation Technology CityU
Workshop 17-26 Mar Prof J.R. Martin Workshops on Genre-based Literacy Teaching: the Sydney School (Part II) CityU
Seminar 1 Feb Prof John M. Swales Worlds of Genre - Metaphors of Genre CityU