2022 Grand Prize for Excellent Publications in Systemic Functional Linguistics Awarded to CLS Members for Pioneering Work

HCLS members Prof Min Dong at Beijing University, Prof Alex Fang at City University of Hong Kong and Dr Xixin Qiu at Carolina University received the 2022 grand prize for excellent publications in Systemic Functional Linguistics awarded by the International Association for Hallidayan Linguistics based in Australia. Their winning publication is as follows:

Dong, M., *Fang, A.C. and Qiu, X. (2022). Shell nouns as grammatical metaphor in knowledge construal: Variation across science and engineering discourse. Lingua.

DOI: 10.1016/j.lingua.2020.102946.

The work represents a pioneering approach from the perspective of grammatical metaphor, aiming to address linguistic encodings of discourse patterns with a cognitive underpinning.