Previous Events 2014 - 2016

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Seminar 13 Jan Prof David Wible Language models as if people matter CityU
Seminar 12 Feb Prof Sue Wright The Map, the group and language ideology CityU
Conference 16-18 Aug Journal of Foreign Languages in China ; Hong Kong Bilingual Learning and Translation Studies Association; HCLS 2014 International Conference on Translation Education CityU
Symposium 10-11 Nov Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou; University of Science and Technology, Beijing; HCLS Journal of World Languages : 2nd Symposium SYSU

Category Date Participant Title Venue
Symposium 23-26 Apr Prof Webster The 14th National Conference on Functional Linguistics; The Symposium to launch The Halliday-Hasan International Fund Beijing Normal University
Roundtable 25 Apr Prof Halliday, Prof. Webster WORD Global Roundtable (simulcast with Teachers College, Columbia University) Beijing Normal University
Symposium 8-9 Sept Prof Webster Symposium on Functional Linguistics and Discourse Analysis XV Theme: Ways of Meaning Sun Yet-sen University
Category Date Participant Title Venue
Symposium 21 Apr Prof Webster Literary Creativity in World Englishes: A Singapore Experience City University of Hong Kong