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Symposium 21 Apr Prof Webster Literary Creativity in World Englishes: A Singapore Experience City University of Hong Kong
Professor Edwin Thumboo (National University of Singapore)

Literary Creativity in World Englishes: A Singapore Experience

Date : 21 April 2016
Time : 4:30pm -- 5:30pm
Venue : B7603, 7/F Lift 3, Blue Zone, Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong


Literary Creativity in World Englishes continues to expand rapidly. Unfortunately the complimenting criticism has not kept up enough, much as it is needed. Every literature, especially emergent ones, best benefit from the criticism and other exegetical attention generated from within. The case with Singapore WE is no exception. I will look into some of the issues involved, using my own experience (reflected in the selection of poems) starting from the early 50s. These issues range from the challenges of creating in what is an adopted - but now main - language, some dominant themes, the function of the poet, and other related matters. There will be time for Comments and Q&A.


Professor Edwin Thumboo has been involved in Singapore's literary developments since 1951. With a group of young poets and critics, he set up Singapore National Poetry Festival, which had its first edition in July 2015. He has published six volumes of poetry, most recently Word-Gate (privately printed; 2013). Translations of his poems into Chinese and Tamil are due for publication. He is working a volume of poems devoted to biblical themes, and co-editing Christian poems by Singaporeans. His most recent award is the Sunthorn Phu Award (2013).